[POLL] Eyriqazz VS Denaihati , Mana satu pilihan anda

on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eyriqazz vs Denaihati, mana satu pilihan anda? 

Eyriqazz atau denaihati, atau kedua-duanya sekali atau pun bukan kedua-duanya sekali. Itulah antara pilihan poll yang telah saya sediakan di sidebar blog. 

Eyriqazz vs denaihati poll

Tujuan poll ini dibuat adalah untuk suka-suka sahaja disamping dapatlah kita tahu berapa ramai yang pilih denaihati dan berapa ramai yang pilih eyriqazz. 

Jangan segan untuk undi ya. 

Sebelum undi tu lawatlah dua-dua blog, denaihati.com dan juga eyriqazz.com. Seperti yang saya bagitau di blog ini, pendekatan mereka berdua berbeza. 

1. Mana satu agaknya pendekatan yang lagi anda suka? Pendekatan cara denaihati ataupun pendekatan cara eyriqazz?

2. Video siapa yang anda lagi suka, denaihati atau eyriqazz? Boleh juga tengok video mereka Video Eyriqazz VS Denaihati

Anda boleh pilih melalui poll yang disediakan di sidebar blog Eyriqazz Vs Denaihati SEO ini. 

What is eyriqazz vs denaihati seo ?

on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what is Eyriqazz versus denaihati SEO Contest?

Dear visitors, first of all i would like to say sorry for those of you who do not understand Malay Language used in this blog. I know some of you are coming from twitter, facebook from my friends tweets and update and getting upset to see un familiar language. 

Any way i would like to thank you for visiting Eyriqazz versus denaihati blog. Telling the truth this blog is being setup to participate in an SEO Contest where the Eyriqazz vs Denaihati is the target keyword for google Malaysia search engine result page. However this niche blog about those two not only aiming for the win in SEO but more than that. The keyword Eyriqazz VS Denaihati itself is very inspiring for bloggers in Malaysia (worry not, i will explain later).

What the fuss about the SEO ContestNo. Its NOT a contest where Eyriqazz will be fighting versus denaihati. Actually, Denaihati and Eyriqazz have good reputation among Malaysian Bloggers and they are firends . So it is not a normal SEO contest, but a way for participant to learn their style by with each other. By comparing and writing about this two blogger, of course there are a lot of thing can be learn. Learn from the best to be the best! 

I've met and having a cup of coffee with denaihati a few times, so i know him better compared to i know eyriqazz. Yeah I met eyriqazz once but does not have time to sit and knowing him better. However, from my point of view, this two bloggers have different approach in blogging and branding. In fact the platform used is already different. Eyriqazz is using blogspot successfully while Denaihati is using wordpress and conducted a wordpress course succesfully under Akademi Denaihati. Both of these blogger are very active attending seminars, event, functions and many more.  They can be said as sifu for many Malaysian blogger. Which the reason why a niche blog like my blog exist. 

If you asked me, which one is better eyriqazz or denaihati?. I cannot give the answer straight away. At first look i think denaihati is better in term of branding, but in term of 'social' blogging, eyriqazz prevail. Both of them have strength in different area and styles. Which blogging style do i prefer? I still dont have the definite answer. What i know is that from this SEO Contest Eyriqazz Versus Denaihati, there will be a lot of knowledge to be grabbed.

What is the catch? Denaihati is sponsoring RM200 for cash + 20,000 traffic  if your article hit the first place for Eyriqazz vs Denaihati keyword in google.com.my after 31st August 2012. It will be great if the article is mine. Haha. While I am writing this post, Eyriqazz and denaihati are still receiving email from sponsors, so you can expect a lot of prizes to be win.

The details the Denaihati vs Eyriqazz SEO contest is in Eyriqazz official contest announcement and updates, current status, information and more resources at Denaihati blog..

For those who are joining this contest, good luck. Trust me, it will be tough. For the organizer and sponsors , great job guys and may Eyriqazz vs Denaihati became a successfull and phenomenal SEO contest in Malaysia blogosphere.

Oh ya! Now you know about this blog. Pardon me for not telling you earlier about this. Eyriqazz versus denaihati.

Video Eyriqazz Vs Denaihati

on Monday, June 25, 2012

Eyriqazz vs Denaihati bukan setakat blogger yang menulis blog semata-mata. mereka sebenarnya menggunakan kuasa social media yang lain seperti menggunakan kuasa Youtube. Kalau kita sebagai blogger kecil ni, eloklah mula menggunakan medium sebegini untuk naikkan lagi jenama kita.

Eyriqazz vs Denaihati  Video

Jom kita layan video-video youtube eyriqazz untuk:

Samsung Global Blogger Audition for Eyriqazz.Com 

Eyriqazz Air Asia Story

Ini bukan saja-saja buat video ni.. terbaik! :)

Jom kita layan pula video-video youtube denaihati pula

Toshiba tuuu.. bukan calang-calang

Honda Insight Test Drive pula

Eyriqazz dan denaihati menggunakan medium youtube untuk tujuan penjenamaan dan buat duit. Tengok macam denaihati tu, siap Toshiba lagi buat video tu.

Ni sedikit baru ni. kenali mereka melalui video youtube mereka ya. Kita ikut footstep mereka untuk berjaya!

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