Malaysia Best Blog 2015 - though challenge ahead

on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hi all, this entry will talk about Malaysia Best Blog 2015

This is another contest that i currently joining. It is quite worth it to join this kind of contest. Its quite a long time i am not joining this kind of contest. I am SEO rusty right now.

Maybe Eyriqazz Vs Denaihati is the last contest that i Joined. Same as Eyriqazz Vs Denaihati contest, this contest is about ranking Malaysia Best Blog 2015 in Google Malaysia. I am joining using My Malaysia Blog 

In eyriqazz vs denaihati contest i made a blog with keyword inside the domain. But now EMD is not allowed as stated in Malaysia Best Blog 2015 term and condition. Which is fair enough and luckily its stated earlier. 

Using EMD also need effort and time,  since its stated earlier my effort will not be wasted on trying to rank a new site. 

The Malaysia Best Blog 2015 challenges

This contest will be challenging. There are 85 participants, I am the 84th participant. Last minute participant. Thanks Oh duit! 

This is how my entry look like: 

My entry for Malaysia Best Blog 2015

The strategy 

I dont know what kind of strategy i will be using. I can said that my SEO skill is not as good as before. Trying to recall to what i did before. Looking at old notes . LOL. The SEO games also keep changing. 

When thinking about strategy, In my mind there are one word keep coming : 'CHAOS'. 

I still cannot directly relate with SEO strategy that i will be using. 

What will be my entry rank for Malaysia Best Blog 2015?  I hope want to hope for the first place. There are no harm in dreaming. 

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